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The Health Benefits of Kayaking: Why You Should Pick up the Sport This Year

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Want to get fit but don’t want to be confined to the space of a gym? Kayaking could be the sport for you. The health benefits of kayaking are numerous, plus paddling is a great new hobby if you’re looking to get outdoors more!

Here are all the physical benefits of kayaking and all the other reasons this could be the best new activity for you in 2022.

The physical benefits of kayaking:

  • Paddling is fantastic for improving your overall fitness, strength and flexibility – and with such a variety of disciplines available, you can always try something new to work other parts of the body.
  • Kayaking is great for the heart and lungs. Paddling is an aerobic workout that strengthens the lungs and improves cardiovascular fitness too by raising your heart rate. Aerobic workouts also reduce the risk of health issues such as obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Paddling strengthens different muscle groups. By working the paddle through the water, you are actually exercising your arms, chest, shoulders and back, helping to build strength and enhance muscle. Your torso and legs also get put to work, as you use them to turn and rotate the kayak when in the water.
  • Kayaking is a low-impact activity, so the risk of injuries is massively reduced compared to many other sports.
  • Kayaking helps you lose weight and burn calories. By offering a fantastic cardio and strength training exercise, kayaking is great for helping burn fat and lose weight.
  • Paddling is good for mental health. Exercise is stress relieving and also releases feel-good endorphins in the brain, improving mood and mental health. Getting outside in the sun and fresh air is also a mood booster, plus it will help you top up your vitamin D.

How many calories does kayaking burn?

According to a Harvard study, a person weighing 125lbs can burn 150 calories in 30 minutes of kayaking, while a 185lb person can burn as much as 210 calories in that time!

Plus, unlike some other forms of cardio, kayaking has the added benefit of toning your muscles and building strength while you’re paddling too.

What muscles does kayaking work?

As mentioned above, kayaking works different muscles at once, primarily in your shoulders, arms and back. The complete movement works your:

  1. Abs and improves core strength
  2. Lats (latissimus dorsi)
  3. Biceps
  4. Forearms
  5. Legs and hips

Over time, you’ll feel the difference in your upper body strength and see your muscle definition improve.

Additional benefits of kayaking

Aside from the health benefits of kayaking above, there are also a number of other less obvious advantages of the sport:

  • Many kayaking spots are very peaceful areas. Places like the Lake District and other areas of natural beauty are really effective in lowering stress and provide you with a serene and meditative environment.
  • Kayaking gives you the perfect excuse to enjoy the great outdoors. The UK is packed full of amazing scenery, and paddling allows you experience it from a whole new perspective. Plus, you can take your hobby further afield and explore more of the world on a kayaking holiday abroad.
  • Kayaking can be a social activity. Joining a kayaking club or inviting friends to join you on excursions is a great way to add a social aspect to your hobby.

How to get into kayaking

The best way to get into kayaking is to join a kayaking club. This will give you experience and training while you gain confidence and improve your technique.

Plus, many places allow you to rent a boat and hire your equipment, which is a good idea before you take the plunge and invest in your own kit.

A local club is also a great place to meet like-minded paddlers who can join you on your future trips out on the water.

The health benefits of kayaking are plentiful when it comes to both our bodies and our brains. Kayaking is not only a fantastic physical workout, but it offers a unique opportunity to spend some time in the great outdoors.

Ready to dip your toe in the water? Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced paddler, you can find everything you need here at NorthShore Watersports. Shop kayaks, paddles, watersports clothing and more essential equipment now.

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