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Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

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Devasya, the leading kidney hospital in Ahmedabad, shares practical tips for maintaining kidney health. From hydration to lifestyle changes, they offer valuable insights to prevent kidney-related issues.

Kidneys play a vital task in filtering waste from the blood to maintain balance in the body. Given the importance of kidney health, we must take steps to maintain kidney function and health for many years to come. As Devasya the best kidney hospital in Ahmedabad, we are asked frequently how to keep the kidneys healthy. In this blog, we will share ten evidence-based, practical tips that anyone can follow to maintain kidney health and reduce the risk of grave health issues like chronic kidney disease and others. We are going to share ways that are simple, doable lifestyle tweaks. These tips cover exercise, diet, avoiding toxins, managing medications, and other small changes that will make a big difference.

Even if you implement a few of these tips daily, you will give your kidneys the care they deserve to preserve their filtering abilities. Keep scrolling and read further for simple ways to maintain your kidneys in good health!

1. Keep Yourself Well-Hydrated

To begin with – the most basic yet successful way to preserve kidney health is to stay hydrated. Consume lots of fluids. You should have approx 6-8 glasses of water, herbal teas, or vegetable juices. Water will help to flush toxins and prevent kidney stones. Avoid sugary sodas and excessive alcohol intake, as these can damage kidneys over time. Good hydration will reduce the strain on the kidneys, which will eventually help them to function at their best.

2. Maintain an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Next in line, yet the obvious point is to live an active lifestyle to keep your kidneys in good shape. Do exercises like swimming, brisk walking, or cycling for no less than thirty minutes every day. It will manage blood sugar and blood pressure to ease the burden on the kidneys. Being active also prevents obesity, which can lead to diabetes, a significant risk factor for renal disease. Eating healthy and staying fit will keep your weight in check and give your kidneys the support they need.

3. Keep Track of your Blood Pressure Levels

Hypertension or high blood pressure is harmful to the kidneys. Monitor your blood pressure readings. Very high blood pressure will put an excessive burden on the kidneys over time, leading to damage. Measure your blood pressure regularly. Follow the right exercise, diet, and lifestyle to maintain the desired levels.

4. Avoid/Quit Smoking

Why should one avoid smoking? Kidney issues are more prevalent in smokers. Smoking increases blood pressure and heart rate. It causes blood clot formation and fatty deposits in the blood vessels. All these may raise the risk of kidney problems. It also increases your chances of developing kidney cancer. Quitting will help you to prevent all these risks. We are known as the best oncology hospital in the region, providing both preventive and therapeutic ways to keep your kidneys healthy.

5. Keep Track of your Weight and Follow a Well-Balanced Diet

Keep track of your weight and follow a balanced diet to prevent any fluctuations in your weight. Being overweight or underweight can affect renal function. A nutritious balanced diet and regular weight promotes overall health, allowing your kidneys to perform well. Begin with this simple yet effective journey toward a healthy you right now!

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