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Most Profitable Small Businesses for 2024

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1. Accounting and tax preparation.

Businesses that offer accounting and tax-related services continue to be among those with the best bottom lines. The U.S. accounting services industry is the largest by region in a global market projected to be worth more than $700 billion in 2025 — the future looks bright for accountants.

2. App development.

With the app development market expected to grow by 10% over the coming years, creating a useful app can produce rewarding results. However, while app development is thriving in the market, it requires expert knowledge of coding and the app’s subject matter. But with a winning idea, you can sell the app to other companies or launch it yourself.

3. Digital marketing.

In an increasingly digital-driven world, digital marketing presents a key touchpoint between businesses and customers and is an essential feature of any business’s online presence. As such, specialized fields, including web design, copywriting, and graphic design, continue to be in high demand and can be very profitable business ventures.

4. Catering.

Operating a successful catering business is hard work and requires careful planning, along with the ability to deliver on expectations. However, if you have what it takes to be a chef, event planner, business manager, and customer service sensation all rolled into one, there is potential to turn a healthy profit.

5. Cleaning services.

Starting a cleaning service can be a profitable venture, with the professional cleaning service market forecasted to grow by 6% annually by 2026. Since business owners can manage the service from any location and the equipment needed for the job is relatively affordable, it’s a more favorable market to enter.

6. Food truck.

The food truck market in the U.S. experienced a burgeoning revival in recent years. With a flourishing foodie culture in a strained economy, offering affordable gourmet food on the move can be a profitable business model that offers more flexibility than a traditional restaurant.

7. Delivery services.

Increased demand for courier and local delivery services has seen businesses in this industry turn a solid profit, and between 2022 and 2027, the U.S. market is predicted to increase by $27.93 million. While the market has seen an influx of customers interested in the service, it remains competitive, with many large-scale businesses leading the way.

8. Management consulting.

While the management consulting market in the U.S. took a knock in 2020, it made a fast comeback and has already surpassed its pre-Covid market size. With digital transformation still being a key challenge for many companies, management consulting firms that leverage technology and automation are in a prime position to secure a profitable future.

If you are the type of person who has extensive experience or knowledge about a particular industry, topic, or culture, it may be worth your while to become a social media influencer. No formal education or qualification is needed, just a talent for engaging with an audience and most importantly, creating informative and entertaining content.

Social media influencers earn income from advertising brands and the more followers an influencer has, the more brand awareness they can influence. Starting small, a steady rise in followers can lead to significant income.

10. Content creation.

With just a laptop and a good internet connection, content creation can be a lucrative field to enter. Thanks to more and more businesses adapting to digital trends, companies are looking toward influencers and content creators to help boost their digital presence, and the job only requires a social media-savvy individual who can spot trends.

Whether you specialize in blogs, website content, advertising, or even e-books, there is a significant demand for content producers who can provide interesting and well-planned content.

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