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Afraid for both democracy and the Constitution, the Committee said that “necessary amendments to the Constitution will not be anti-democratic or anti-federal, violate the basic structure of the Constitution, or result in a presidential form of rummy gold.” They said that “the Indian electorate is sagacious enough to differentiate between national and regional issues, as well as between national and regional parties,” suggesting that they were concerned about the dominance of national parties.

There will be just rummy circle used for elections at all three levels of government. The Election Commission has supplied a comprehensive list of its financial and logistical needs in order to overcome the logistical problems posed by simultaneous elections.

What happens if there is a lack of confidence or a hung assembly?

To avoid any possible election scheduling delays, the HLC recommended holding new elections for the final five years of the existing five-year term in response to votes of no-confidence and early dissolution of legislative bodies.

Procedures for handling disruptions like hung houses and motions of no confidence are suggested by the rummy wealth . It suggests establishing the House of the People’s and State Legislative Assemblies’ terms of office to ensure continuity in the case of an early dissolution.

The plan for the House of the People includes new elections as well as a replacement for the defunct House for the remainder of its tenure. It is recommended that state legislative assemblies enact legislation of this type.


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