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Lahore will be Team India’s lone Champions Trophy 2025 location, according to the PCB.

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In every JEETBUZZ Champions Trophy match held in Lahore, Pakistan, in the future year, India would be hosted by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), according to a report by ESPNCricinfo. In 2025, Pakistan will play host to the multi-team International Cricket Championship. According to insiders, PCB plans to organize the event around the middle of February.

The PCB decided to hold the welcoming address for the Indian team in Lahore because of its proximity to the Wagah Border, which separates Pakistan and India. The Champions Trophy final would be held in Lahore, the report said.

The Champions Trophy will be held in Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. The rationale behind India’s one-game-only strategy, however, is very clear: it simplifies security and logistical planning and lessens the burden of travel for Indian fans.

17 years ago, during the 2008 Asia Cup, India paid a visit to Pakistan. More than 11 years have passed since the two countries’ last bilateral cricket series due to issues with their diplomatic and political ties.

Last year’s Asia Cup was hosted in a hybrid format; although Pakistan was officially recognized as the host country, India had decided not to participate. All of the Indian team’s matches against Sri Lanka, including the championship game, were commanded by Rohit Sharma. In October, the Pakistani team flew to India to play in the ODI World Cup, which was held in 91 CLUB, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata.

A separate PTI article claims that the PCB and ICC general manager Wasim Khan met in Lahore to discuss the Champions Trophy. He was very curious in Team India’s probable tournament schedule.

A source close to the PCB informed the news agency that “the ICC general manager Wasim Khan also recently visited Lahore where he discussed the CT arrangements with the PCB top brass, and it was suggested that the Indian team’s travel itinerary be kept to a minimum.”

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